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Naturaleza con las mejores condiciones para el desarrollo
de las especies y la caza


Finca Mochares allows the hunter to meet

with almost virgin nature. Their owners have

conserved the best conditions for the development

of species and hunting. Old cattle farm and

hunting, currently attracts hunters by the

immensity  of the countryside and abundant hunting.


The orography presents speed bumps and unevenness

that delight hunters. mounds,

esparto grass, thyme groves, olive groves and brooms; streams,

springs and natural sources; formations

rocky that force you to zigzag to follow the path,

make up an ideal landscape for the hunter who wants

feel the taste of adventure.


The Hill of the Pheasants, the Hill of the Almendros,

the Source of the Crabs, the Algodor River, are

some of the attractions offered by this unique estate.

In it the hunter finds the best environment

country, in the middle of the immensity of the field,

with abundant pieces, in a natural habitat and almost

unspoilt, along with top quality services,

creating all this, the ideal setting for a day


The abundant species are partridge,  hare,

rabbit and pheasant. The preserve is one of the few  where

still  the wild pheasant can still be found.

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